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Ryan helps little Nicela get another lease of life

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Nicela Naude was born at Groote Schuur Hospital and was sadly abandoned by her biological mother. At just 3 weeks old she was adopted by Maddy & Jacques Naude and life hasn’t been easy for the family. Nicela was diagnosed with Klippel Trenaunay Webber Syndrom – a rare, potentially fatal disease in which blood vessels and/or lymph vessels fail to form properly.


Nicela needs daily medication as well as ongoing treatment & and surgery to improve her quality of life. Unfortunately Maddy and Jacques aren’t able to keep up with the cost of the treatment as funds and medical aid benefits have been depleted. Ryan stepped in and managed to help the family get R60 000 to cover their medical expenses.



Ryan got hold of the family yesterday after Nicela’s parents gave their followers an update about the family’s situation.

“It is with very heavy hearts that we inform you that Nicela’s treatment and surgeries will stop. We have tried our utmost best to keep up with the medical expenses but we are too deep in debt now. We have taken a 2nd and 3rd bond on our home already and will not be able to afford the instalment should we take out another.”

To keep up with their journey and get in touch with the family you can follow the Baby Nicela Charity Trust Page.  A massive thank you to Willie Delport from eBet, Johan Dreyer from Topwatch, and Thomas Veenstra from RAM Labels for stepping up to help.

Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange is the producer of the Ryan O'Connor Breakfast show and has been with Smile 90.4FM since it's inception in 2013. Through his work on the breakfast show he has won two national radio awards. He has been in broadcasting for 15 years and has honed his talent at 6 different radio stations. Outside of radio he is also a podcast producer and award winning stand-up comedian.

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