General Contest Guidelines

    1. “Smile” is Cape Town Radio Pty Ltd trading as Smile or Smile 90.4FM, a commercial sound broadcaster licensed by ICASA under the Electronic Communications Act, 2005.
    2. Competitions created, advertised or organised by Smile are open to legal residents of the Republic of South Africa who must be at least 18 years old, unless they have consent from their legal guardian.
    3. Once you have entered a competition, you will be referred to as “entrants”. Entrants that are under 18 years old will be referred to as “minors”.
    4. Entrants must not enter on behalf of any other person and may not be made by legal persons like companies; each entry must be personal to the entrant.
    5. Entrants must provide certain personal information to identify them and make delivery to them if they win a prize, to record the winner for audit purposes, to enable direct contact if necessary, and to verify their personal information, for example, whether or not they are a minor. Please read our Privacy and Data Protection Policy for more information about how we treat your personal information.
    6. On acceptance of a prize, the prize winner grants permission to Smile and the prize sponsor to use their personal information for publicity purposes at no cost to Smile. The winner must also provide their address and identity number (personal information) which personal information will be used in relation only to the specific competition, if this personal information has not been provided as a condition of entry.  Smile is not liable for the unauthorised use by any person of any of the winner’s personal details once they have been broadcast or published.
    7. Smile reserves the right to verify the information provided by every entrant including their age.
    8. Competitions are not open to directors, employees, agencies, prize sponsors or contractors of Smile or any person directly or indirectly involved in those companies including any person or company that may be running the competition, or the immediate family members of these people.
    9. By entering competitions, entrants agree to adhere to all the competition rules and regulations of the particular competition which include these Rules, which entrants must be familiar with before entering the competition.
    10. Any breach of these Rules by an entrant to the competition will result in immediate disqualification from that competition and any other competitions over any period that Smile may decide in its sole discretion. Smile may also disqualify an entrant who is a winner in a competition, even after announcing the winner of that competition if it is later found that the information provided was false, or that they do not have parental consent if the entrant is a minor, or for any other breach of these Rules.
    11. Entrants take part in competitions at their own risk and Smile accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or harm suffered as a result of participation in any of the competitions.
    12. Smile is not liable for any technical failures or other events outside its reasonable control that result in entries being excluded or announcements made regarding any winners not being received. Entries received after the closing date for the competition will not be valid. Smile will take reasonable steps to ensure that winners are notified as soon as possible after the draw.
    13. If payments of any kind are necessary to enter the competition, including to use data if this is necessary to enter the competition, the entrant is liable for all of those payments and Smile has no liability in this regard.
    14. The judges’ decision in any competition is final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.
    15. Prizes may not be exchanged for cash or any other prize, nor are they transferable.
    16. Cash prizes may take up to 30 days to be paid out, and will only be paid into a valid South African bank account in the name of the person who is the valid winner of the prize. Cash prizes that are won by minors will only be paid to the minor’s legal guardian.
    17. Unless stated otherwise, if a car is a prize, the winner cannot be a minor and the entrant must have a valid driver’s licence. If a winner does not have a valid driver’s licence then Smile may withhold or award the prize at its sole discretion. If a car is a prize, the prize includes licensing and registration. Unless stated otherwise, extra accessories are not included as part of the prize. Insurance for the car will be the winner’s responsibility from the date of transfer of the car to the winner.
    18. Winners use and accept prizes at their own risk and will become the owner of the prize on acceptance from, physical transfer or delivery to the winner by Smile or its agent.
    19. Each person that is a winner may only enter competitions where the value is R1,000 or more after a period of 3 calendar months. Smile reserves the right to not award a prize if the winner falls into this category in the relevant 3 calendar months.
    20. Smile reserves the right to redistribute all unclaimed prizes if not claimed after 2 months after being announced through any Smile channel. A Smile channel includes the Smile app and website.
    21. Where indicated, finalists may not receive a prize if they fail to attend the draws if this is a condition of entry and this will be specified in the competition rules.
    22. Subject to the sponsor’s conditions or any other specific terms of entry, Smile will make every reasonable effort to award the identical prize that is described in the competition, but does not accept responsibility if the prize differs in an immaterial way from that advertised, for example it is a different colour.
    23. If a prize is valued at more than R10,000, the determination of a winner will be made by a representative of Smile’s accountants, auditors or attorneys and their decision is final.
    24. Smile reserves the right to cancel or amend competitions, their rules or withdraw prizes at their sole discretion or if circumstances require it and the changes will take immediate effect. No entrant shall have any recourse against Smile as a result of the amendments or cancellation.
    25. Smile may also amend these standard terms and conditions where necessary for specific competitions and will make those amendments to these standard terms and conditions available on its website, and in every broadcast relating to that or those competition rules.
    26. If a competition is made available online or on another Smile channel then the terms of use governing that channel will also apply to every entrant. In this case there may also be terms and conditions that will apply to the use of social media which the entrant should ensure they are familiar with.

The copyright, image rights and any other rights vesting in any sponsor or promotional materials relating to competitions and prizes are the property of Smile.