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Back to school relief & Winter UFOs

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Admit it, you’re happy that schools are back for the 3rd term. You just needed a break from the last three weeks of balancing work, life, and keeping the kids entertained.


The reasons you’re happy school is back

We asked some of you why you’re happy that the kids are back at school and this is what we heard:

  • My cupboards stays full. – Joey Angel
  • No more noise at home. – Frank Jacobs
  • They were only about 6 altogether some days 7 and when they have friends over upto 14. Need I say more? – Gail Baron
  • The fact that food is going to last longer as these children eat like PAC man. Next holidays I will definitely get them casual job. – Yasmina Esack
  • What happened was my kids decided the only word they knew was “mommy”. – Fazlin Abdurahman Abrahams
  • My middle child (9 years old) was throwing stones up in the air outside and one of the stones got a passing cars windscreen (please note that I was still at work and the kids were with a grandparent who allowed them to go play in the park). R4500 later, we’re VERY glad school holidays are over. – Kim Muller

Dealing with the Winter chaos

Another cold front made landfall in the Cape bringing heavy rain, snow, and strong winds to the various areas across the province. With stormy conditions you might also see a few bizarre things on your commute:



Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange is the producer of the Ryan O'Connor Breakfast show and has been with Smile 90.4FM since it's inception in 2013. Through his work on the breakfast show he has won two national radio awards. He has been in broadcasting for 15 years and has honed his talent at 6 different radio stations. Outside of radio he is also a podcast producer and award winning stand-up comedian.

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