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Rules for moving in with someone

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Moving in with a person is a big step – whether it’s a friend, partner, or stranger you met on the Internet through a house-sharing forum. There’s a lot you need to keep in mind – but there are a lot of things you need to think about BEFORE you take the leap. We had a few thoughts this morning.

According to Ryan, here’s a full list of rules you should implement before moving in together:

1. Agree on who will pay for what.

2. Agree on how to handle an unplanned pregnancy.

3. Decide if they’re both on the same page when it comes to marriage.

4. Come up with at least one reason to move in together other than finances and convenience.

5. Consider some of the realistic challenges cohabitation might create.

6. Meet each other’s “people,” including close friends and family members.

7. Know each other’s financial situation.

8. Agree on a three-year plan.

9. Say “I love you” to each other.

10. Decide whose bed you’re going to keep.

11. Use the bathroom for #2 in each other’s respective apartments.

12. Spend more than two nights in a row together.

13. Experience heartbreak on some level.

14. Celebrate at least one major holiday together.

15. Discuss how to divvy household chores.

16. Pick out at least one new object of some value – financial, aesthetic, or symbolic – for the home together.

17. Have a trial sleepover for your pets.

18. Travel together.

19. Make sure there’s enough closet space for both of you.

20. Have at least one big fight.

Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange is the producer of the Ryan O'Connor Breakfast show and has been with Smile 90.4FM since it's inception in 2013. Through his work on the breakfast show he has won two national radio awards. He has been in broadcasting for 15 years and has honed his talent at 6 different radio stations. Outside of radio he is also a podcast producer and award winning stand-up comedian.

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