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We are on a mission…
To help establish loving homes for orphaned, vulnerable and destitute children in South Africa by:
child–support networks in communities and linking them with foster families and children’s homes;
Promoting foster care to the general public and offering guidance to foster families;
Facilitating the renovation and maintenance of children’s homes; foster family accommodation and Early Childhood Development Centres with the help of corporate sponsors. We will endeavor to have these projects televised to help create awareness.
NEWKIDZ is an organization that was formed after a group of friends from Cape Town (in South Africa) saw a need at a Children’s Home for abandoned and orphaned children in one of the local communities called Mfuleni, just north of Cape Town. After volunteering their time on weekends over a period of 6 months they could not turn their backs and walk away from the obvious needs that these children had without getting radically involved.
Newkidz was born in 2007 when a dynamic home make-over was accomplished in just ONE weekend at the Masigcine Children’s Home. Check it out on the YouTube link on their website www.masigcine.org.za
Our aim is to become a national name in the field of improving the living conditions for vulnerable and needy children in South Africa.
Newkidz is a non profit organization (062-837-NPO) who’s major concern is that of the plight of orphans in South Africa.
Newkidz build sustainable child–support networks in communities and link them with foster families and children’s homes;
Newkidz promote foster care to the general public and offer guidance to foster families;
Newkidz facilitates the renovation and maintenance of children’s homes / foster family accommodation and places of safety with the help of corporate sponsors. We bring staff from various companies, along with their CSI budgets to complete a worthy task in their community.
Children are not able to care for themselves so if they have been orphaned, the responsibility falls on those in their community to be their parents by fostering or adopting them.
Children are a blessing from the Lord and we believe are very dear to Him. We see ourselves as Gate Keepers for them and have taken up the responsibility to care and fend for these children as if they were our own.
There are many people in society who want to do good and give back to the community in gratitude for all the blessings they have received but don’t know where to go or how to organize this. We at NEWKIDZ want to help!
So that is who we are – a group of friends who love God and children, especially orphans and have decided to make a difference in this world.
We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and our current projects are happening in suburbs in and around the Mother City. We will be expanding our services throughout South Africa in the future.

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