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[LISTEN] Gemma’s Christmas Story of Hope

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2020 has undoubtedly  been the most challenging year most of us have ever experienced and we’re looking forward to unwinding over the festive season. Christmas is a time for families to reconnect and celebrate everything that they have. For some, however, it’s a reminder of many of life’s challenges. In 2016 just after Christmas day, at the age of 9, young Gemma was diagnosed with leukemia. The Smile Breakfast team brings you her story of what she went through and the challenges her family continue to face. We first spoke to her mom Deolinda:

Nobody can really imagine how difficult it is for a parent to see their child go through this. It’s something that’s often overlooked. Gemma’s dad Martyn moved back in with the family to help look after everyone. He told Bobby & Lindy a little more about the impact that something like this has on a parent:

Gemma’s sister Kaelyn gave her a sister a life saving bone marrow donation. She showed us the unconditional love she had for her little sister – an unbreakable bond:

We spoke to the warrior at the centre of the family’s story. Gemma has had to endure so much over the last four years. She hopes that people will be more open and understanding about the strain that families experience when they go through something like this:

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