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Jelly Beanz Inc

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Jelly Beanz Inc believes that all children in the African community should be free to live, love, learn, play and grow up emotionally healthy.
Jelly Beanz Inc creates holistic interventions to address child abuse and trauma through:
Direct services to children and families
Training and mentoring of mental health professionals and counsellors
Resource development to assist in creating awareness and healing of trauma and abuse
About Uz
Jelly Beanz Inc is a registered non-profit organisation that endeavours to provide emotional support to children and families who have experienced abuse and trauma.
Edith Kriel (Social worker, Western Cape) and Marita Rademeyer (Clinical psychologist) have been working in the field of abuse and trauma for many years. With the help of friends and colleagues, they started Jelly Beanz Inc. in 2009, as a response to the increasing incidence of trauma and abuse in the communities within which they work, as well as the chronic shortage of services to assist children and families.
Edith Kriel Edith is a social worker who has specialised in working with traumatised children for the past 16 years. She developed the Teddy Bear Clinic into a multi-level service, initiated the Child Witness Project in the Western Cape and developed the Healing Project on behalf of RAPCAN. The Healing Project provides services to children that have been sexually abused and their families. She is the co-founder of the Child Trauma Centre in Cape Town and offers multi-disciplinary workshops on a range of topics including helping the traumatised child and working with helping professionals to prevent and manage secondary trauma.
Marita Rademeyer Marita is a clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Child Trauma Clinic in Pretoria. She has helped children and their caregivers deal with the effects of child abuse and neglect, rape, violence and crime, HIV/AIDS, cancer, youth awaiting trial and clients with physical and mental disabilities. Her special interest is play therapy with traumatised children.
Direct services to children and families

  • Therapeutic individual and group therapy for children and families
  • Therapeutic Centres
  • The Healing Project providing psycho-social support to children affected by trauma, abuse and HIV/AIDS.
  • Individual assessments
  • Forensic assessments
  • Case management
  • Capacity building with families, caregivers and helping professionals.
  • Consultation and training within all contexts involving children.

Training and mentoring of mental health professionals

  • Training of professional and ‘lay’ helpers
  • Mentoring of volunteers, students and helpers from external organisations
  • Dealing with child sexual abuse in South Africa

Resource development

  • Voices of Hope Book
  • Bust-the-Bully Card Game
  • Memory Dolls
  • Anatomically correct Dolls


  • The Healing Project


  • The Candle Project: Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Consultation Research
  • Research informing activities of Jelly Beanz Inc and Partners
  • Informing the knowledge base regarding childhood trauma and abuse and the prevention of child sexual abuse.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation.


  • Advocating for children’s rights and prevention of trauma and abuse.
  • Advocating on behalf of specific children in case management incidents.


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