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[LISTEN] Meet the King of the Most Unread mails

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What’s the number of unread emails—right now, at this moment, without changing anything—in your inbox?

Turns out Eugene is sitting with 4750 unread emails in his inbox!

Maurice and Angel went in search of the Most Unread Emails and it turns out, Eugene is just a rookie compared to Pierre van Vuuren and Ulrike.


And Pierre had to play second fiddle to Ulrike Potter’s pile of unread emails!



If having the most unread emails in your inbox was the Game of Thrones, then Leon is the rightful heir!

All Hail King Leon, the man with the most unread emails in Cape Town!

Tune into the Smile Drive with Maurice, every Wednesday for the Wall of Fame at 4pm.

Eugene Mpatheni
Eugene Mpatheni
The other half of the The Joy Ride every weekday from 4 pm to 7 pm. Former Man United fan but is now a Scouser. I love all forms of sport, especially the conversations around the beautiful game. A husband and father of three who falls asleep to the sounds of barber ASMR.

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