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[LISTEN] FOR SALE: Madiba’s ID for $75 000!

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You better be clutching your pearls or sitting down for this.
Angel shared some shocking news with Eugene and Dean on the Joy Ride that uTata Nelson Mandela Green ID card is up for sale for a cool 75 000 dollars.



Yes, it’s a staggering amount of money for something the rest of the world might deem trivial but to us as South African, our beloved Madiba was more than just a statesman but a figure larger than life who left an indelible mark on the world.


What’s For Sale?

Almost 100 items will be auctioned, such as Madiba’s prison key, identity book, personal drawings, his famous shirts, and special gifts, including ones from former US President Barrack Obama.

Makaziwe Mandela, the eldest daughter of the former President, is selling these items to raise money for a memorial garden in the Eastern Cape.


Some of the items that will go up for Auction on Monday.


Hot Take!

Angel and The Joy Ride team were surprised. How valuable is a person’s legacy really? Where will the money be used? Can we buy the items back and keep them in South Africa? Maybe Cyril could use his $14 million to keep the items in the country and display them in museums there. Do we, the people, have any say in this situation?

Cape Town had their say on the matter. Have a listen.




Eugene Mpatheni
Eugene Mpatheni
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