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Leliebloem House

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Leliebloem House was founded in 1868 by the Anglican Church in Cape Town. The services changed over the years as per the need in communities. Today it is a registered NGO that operates as a residential child and youth care centre for 84 children from troubled families and backgrounds. The centre offers the least restrictive environment for children who are placed via the children’s courts.
Even though residential care is the core business of Leliebloem, we work intensively within these children’s communities and families to improve the circumstances from which they were removed. Leliebloem has numerous programs that are well implemented and are looked to as “best practice models”. We strive to share our experiences from the piloting and running of these programs with colleagues in the child and youth care field. This is done by not only being available to them for knowledge sharing through site visits and telephonic support, but also by offering training and information sessions.
MISSION: To “improve the quality of life” of formerly deprived children and to provide appropriate services for both children and their families. More importantly is the need to provide them with developmental opportunities best suited to their needs.
VISION: To ensure that every child and family has access to developmentally appropriate and wholesome care, and to ensure that wherever possible children are reunited with family and community in the shortest possible time.
OUR PHILOSOPHY: Leliebloem House upholds a Christian ethos, because the organisation was founded under the auspices of the Anglican Church. However, we do not discriminate against any person’s culture, religion or creed. We accommodate and work with staff & children from all communities, cultures and religions.
We appeal to you for your support. Join us in our efforts to provide the very best second chance for our children, who are being provided with the opportunity of reworking and re-negotiating their developmental stage of their lives.

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