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Breadline Africa

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Breadline Africa is an internationally registered South African-based charity that aims to break the cycle of poverty – by helping communities to help themselves. At Breadline Africa we believe that children and young people hold the future in their hands.
We have our highly successful Container Programme, converting old shipping containers into vital community structures. The portable, versatile and secure recycled containers are a lifeline to many struggling communities, where they provide instant and vital infrastructure. Since 1993, we have recycled, refurbished and placed more than 175 of these containers in poor communities throughout Southern Africa.
Breadline Africa started when a group of community and social workers living in Africa wanted to bridge the gap between Africa and Europe and raise funds for the poor.
Their experiences in Africa meant that they were able to put the concerns of the communities around them into context and understand the problems that the people of Africa faced on a day-to-day basis. From there they could better identify community projects that could easily succeed with just a little help.
The community and social workers proposed the idea of an alliance to their European friends – one that would prove to benefit their common cause.
Within the year, a board of trustees was established and Breadline Africa was launched in 1993 with a fresh enthusiasm that continues to this day. The special relationship that we have established with Europe has proved to be one of success and substance. We look forward to only improving this relationship in the years to come.
As part of our commitment, Breadline Africa strives to break the cycle of poverty in the lives of individuals and communities in Africa through sustainable, long-term solutions.
We do this through:
Our Container Programme
Special campaigns including food parcels and our annual seaside outing
Our Mandela Container Libraries Project
We carefully select projects staffed and run by local communities, with a reasonable chance of long-term sustainability, that would struggle to find other funding.

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