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GoodLuck’s Jules & Ben open up about their tough birthing journey

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GoodLuck’s Jules & Ben’s little bundle of joy, Skylar Scout Lulu Peters has finally arrived, but her birthing story is far from what the couple had planned for, or expected.




Little Skylar was born on Thursday 20 June at 4.53kg, and while the couple are settling in their ”love bubble” away from the limelight and the stage, Jules took the time to write a very honest and heartening Facebook post about their journey, which took a few scary turns.


”Her birth story was not the one we had planned or expected but it was the one that she needed… Skylar was trying to tell us something the whole week. Thank goodness we were listening.”


Jules had prepared for a home birth, as the idea of a ”calm, fear-free and empowered birth” with a midwifery lead team was (and still is) her perfect idea of how she imagined giving birth.


But baby Skylar had other ideas.


After Jules went into labour, her team consulted and the decision was made to transfer to hospital.


Jules writes:


We had been monitoring a buildup of signs in the days before labour… from high glucose in my urine and blood, to the meconium and excess fluid around the baby. So when small contractions started, and I mean small! Our little one was already getting very stressed and dropping her heart rate.


When she got to hospital, Jules says she was still gently supported in her wish for a natural birth, but after realising the possible complications, they decided to finally opt for a caesarean section.


Shortly after, they all realised it was the right choice, and that a natural birth would have had catastrophic consequences:


So we chose to deliver her, surrounded by the most beautiful and experienced surgical team… under bright lights and in theatre (of course she is just like her mama!) and it was then that the tough decision was validated. She had a very thick chord tightly wrapped twice around her neck, which was pulling her back as she was trying to come out.


Thankfully, their little Lucky Bean was born, healthy, and safely to a ”beautiful playlist of songs that Ben had put together” and the new parents have been smitten ever since.


Jules further shares that this has been one of the biggest lessons of her life:


To listen, to feel, to tune in, and ultimately to trust that inner voice, and not let my ego or desire to fulfill a plan get in the way…but to surrender to what the process needs to be. Its safe to say…this control freak has been beautifully schooled by a newborn.


The GoodLuck duo also expressed their biggest thanks to their incredible birthing team and staff at the Constantiaberg Mediclinic.


Welcome to the world Skylar Scout Lulu Peters!



Liesl Smit
Liesl Smit
Liesl is the Smile 90.4FM News Manager. She has been at Smile since 2016, with nearly 20 years experience in the radio industry, including reading news, field reporting and producing. In 2008 she won the Vodacom Journalist of the Year Award, Western Cape region. liesl@smile904.fm

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