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Bringing smiles (& working hands) on Mandela Day

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The Smile 90.4 FM team braved the rain and wind to spend 67 minutes in honour of Nelson Mandela International Day. An annual day of remembrance, charity and kindness.

They teamed up with the Jenny Morris Soul Food Kitchen in support of Salesian Institute.


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Smile 90.4 FM breakfast show host, Success Lekabe with mid-morning host, Mienke van Rooyen, are joining Jenny Morris in Greenpoint for Mandela Day // SMILE FM




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More about Salesian Institute Youth Projects

The Salesian Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of South Africa’s vulnerable youth. They serve them regardless of religion, race, gender, or nationality. The non-profit organisation has – for over a century – dedicated themselves to providing education, emotional support and training for at-risk youths.



Salesian Institute Youth Projects teaches young people to find meaningful work, maintain a sustainable livelihood and reintegrate “as productive members of the community“. Their programmes ranges from basic training for youth with little education to advanced job-specific skills building.


Their programmes seek to restore dignity and confidence – with helpful life skills – to the vulnerable youth of South Africa.

Mandela Day
Smiles all round for Mandela Day in Greenpoint at Salesian Institute Youth Project on July 18 // SMILE FM


Clad in yellow t-shirts, peelers in hand, the team buckled down for 67 minutes of paying it forward.

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Smile 90.4 FM breakfast show presenter, Ryan O’Connor speaking at Salesian Institute Youth Project on Mandela Day // SMILE FM


Zahraa Schroeder
Zahraa Schroeder
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