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Barbie Becomes Warner Bros. Highest-Grossing Movie Ever

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Barbie is now officially Warner Bros.’s highest-grossing global release, beating out the 2011 movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. This great milestone comes after the film’s sixth consecutive weekend which raked in over $15 million.


You could say Warner Bros. ditched their cloaks and wands for bright pink heels.



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Barbie painting the world pink

Barbie’s worldwide running total through last Sunday totaled $1.34 billion, according to data by Warner Bros. Which was then slightly behind the final Harry Potter movie’s worldwide total of $1.342 billion.


But as Monday rolled in this week, the Greta Gerwig masterpiece overtook the record. Since its release in July, Barbie has earned almost $593 million at the domestic box office and $747.6 million internationally. 


Gerwig is already the highest-grossing female director of a live-action film at the worldwide box office. She is also the highest-grossing female director of all time at the domestic box office.


And Barbie is not done breaking records. Some predict that it will soon bypass The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the top movie of the year at the global box office.



You can be anything, except a Gerwig masterpiece

Let’s take a look at its Barbenheimer counter-part, Christopher Nolan somber drama, Oppenheimer, has been creeping towards the $800 million mark at the worldwide box office. It has earned $29.1 million from 7,555 screenings in over 80 territories.


“Reaching this outstanding achievement is a reminder of the power of moviegoers — from countries in every corner of the globe — coming together to further the celebration of an iconic character that has entertained us for so many decades,” Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group co-CEOs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy said in a statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Barbie was breaking records even during its early release days. The film was crowned Warner Bros. Discovery’s highest-grossing domestic release when it beat the 2008 movie, The Dark Knight.



Zahraa Schroeder
Zahraa Schroeder
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