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Sailor and his dog saved after 3 months lost at sea

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A man who had been adrift at sea, with his dog, for three months, has been rescued. He was saved by a Mexican tuna boat in international waters, the vessel’s owner confirmed on Monday.


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Open seas journey goes awry

Timothy Lyndsay Shaddock (54) is an Australian sailor who embarked on a open ocean journey with his canine companion, Bella. They set off from the coastal city of La Paz in Mexico, back in April, hoping to reach French Polynesia.


The distance is approximately 6,000 kilometres.


Their plans took a turn for the worse, when their catamaran sustained severe damage in rough seas, rendering its electronics useless.


Fast-forward to this week, the crew of a boat from the Grupomar fleet spotted the pair. The company said in a statement that Shaddok and his dog Bella were in a “precarious” state when rescued. They noted that the duo were lacking provisions and shelter. The Grupomar crew gave them food, hydration and medical attention.


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Sailor in ‘very good health’

In video footage, Shaddock can be seen with a long shaggy beard, appearing visibly emaciated. However, he had enough energy to express his gratitude to his rescuers.


“I have been through a very difficult ordeal at sea,” he reportedly said in another video. “I’m just needing rest and good food because I’ve been alone at sea a long time.”


The Australian sailor reportedly said that despite the situation, he was “in very good health”.


The tuna boat, is expected to reach the Manzanillo port on the Pacific coast of Mexico on Tuesday, with Shaddok and Bella aboard.


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Soaking up the last time at sea

In images online, provided by Grupomar to the Associated Press news agency, Shaddock can be seen with a blood pressure cuff around his arm. However, he brandished a smile through his beard. He is visibly thin in the images.

Australian Tim Shaddock has his blood pressure checked after being rescued following three months adrift with his dog Bella in the Pacific ocean // Grupomar/Atun Tuny via AP


In other images, Bella can be seen stretched out on the deck.

Bella the dog, belonging to Australian Tim Shaddock, rolls on the deck after both were rescued by a Mexican tuna boat in international waters, after being adrift for three months // Grupomar/Atun Tuny via AP
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