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Bright Start

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Bright Start is an Education Support Programme, based in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.
Our objective is to offer previously disadvantaged children a brighter future, by placing them in prominent local schools with proven excellent educational standards. We provide ongoing support and guidance through an Education Support Programme to ensure the child reaches his or her full potential.
Founded in July 2008, we are a registered non-profit making (section 21) company based in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Hout Bay is a racially diverse suburb consisting of black, white and coloured communities.
We provide an education based project that places under-privileged children in good fee-paying schools, obtaining sponsors to finance their education. There are a range of public and private schools available in Hout Bay from nursery to Grade 12 (Matric).
Our Education Support Programme provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the school career to assist the child in achieving his or her full potential, and empowers the parents through informative workshops and functions. This means that although we are focused on the children, the parents play an integral part in the process!
We also have an active fundraising team who raise additional funds for the children’s other needs such as uniforms, birthday parties, sports and cultural destinations  – this enables the children to have the same opportunities and exposure as other, more privileged children.
We work closely with a number of different individuals, educational institutions and organisations. The efforts from everyone involved allow us to continue to achieve our goals. Thanks to all for their contribution to the Bright Start Programme. Together we have, and will continue, to make a difference.

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