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The United Kingdom supports South Africa

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The United Kingdom says it supports South Africa with the hosting of the G-20 summit, next year on home soil. Last night, the British High Commissioner to South Africa, Antony Phillipson expressed his country’s support to the nation.


The United Kingdom supports South Africa


Phillipson was speaking at a reception, on the eve of the opening of Parliament. At the celebrations he also celebrated the UK and South Africa’s strong relationship, calling for stronger ties.


“This year we also look forward to working with the government of South Africa as it prepares to chair the G20 summit in 2025, he said.”


Shaping and strengthening global architecture


According to the spokesperson for the president, Vincent Magwenya, South Africa will assume the G20 Presidency in 2025. Meanwhile this year, Brazil’s president is getting ready to take over the presidency of the G20.


Governance on major international economic issues


President Cyril Ramaphosa has said he’s looking forward to working closely with Brazil’s Lula da Silva. The gathering will take place from Monday 18 November to Tuesday 19 November in Rio de Janeiro. Attendees will build on the foundation which was laid in India, last year (2023).

Philipson added, “I think this is a hugely significant moment. It will be the first time that the G20 will be hosted in and chaired by an African nation.”


The G20 is a group of 19 countries and the European Union. It’s the premier forum for international economic cooperation. The group plays an important role in shaping and strengthening global architecture as well as governance on major international economic issues. The G20 Summit is held every year and has a rotating Presidency


The 19 countries in the G20 are divided into 5 groups:


Group 1 countries – Australia, Canada, the USA and Saudi Arabia.
Group 2 countries – India, South Africa, Russia and Turkey.
Group 3 countries – Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.
Group 4 countries – France, Germany, Italy and the UK.
Group 5 countries – China, Japan, Indonesia and the Republic of Korea


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According to the Presidency, South Africa is a member of the G20 and its participation seeks to provide a strategic foresight in establishing an economic and international policy platform. This will drive and negotiate the best possible outcomes for the country, Africa and the developing world.


International policy platform


It has been reported that the G20 Summit 2025 will focus on reducing the gender gap in the labour workforce to 25% by the year 2025.



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