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Team SA win 106 medals at African Games in Ghana

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Team SA have completed their African Games campaign with a whopping 106 medals, which include 32 gold medals.


The 13th African Games was hosted in Ghana between 8 and 23 March, which saw Team SA end in third position on the medals table, behind Egypt and Nigeria.


At the 2019 African Games in Morocco, Team SA had won 83 medals, finishing fourth on the medals table, so the Accra campaign was a considerable improvement on that performance.


Swimming finished with 46 medals, while cycling had 13, athletics 11 and wrestling 10.


A stand out performance was from Catherine van Rensburg, who won 4 gold medals in swimming.


In fact, South Africa’s performance in the pool shows swimmers are still among the best in the world, with new rising stars now making their mark. Team SA bagged a total of 46 medals for swimming.


Here is a breakdown of where all the medals came from:




  • Catherine van Rensburg (swimming, women’s 400m freestyle)
  • Catherine van Rensburg (swimming, women’s 800m freestyle)
  • Catherine van Rensburg (swimming, women’s 400m IM)
  • Catherine van Rensburg (swimming, women’s 1500m freestyle)
  • Caitlin de Lange (swimming, women’s 100m freestyle)
  • Caitlin de Lange (swimming, women’s 50m backstroke)
  • Simone Moll (swimming, women’s 50m breaststroke)
  • Simone Moll (swimming, women’s 100m breaststroke)
  • Haylee Preen (cycling, women’s elite)
  • Haylee Preen (cycling, women’s road race)
  • Georgia Els (swimming, women’s 200m IM)
  • Clayton Jimmie (swimming, men’s 100m freestyle)
  • Jonah Pool-Jones (swimming, men’s 50m backstroke)
  • Johanita Scholtz (badminton, women’s singles)
  • Jasmine Martin (judo, women’s -57kg)
  • Dillon Geary (cycling, men’s road race U23)
  • Dillon Geary (cycling, men’s individual time trial U23)
  • Vicky van der Merwe (women’s triathlon)
  • Nicholas Quenet (men’s triathlon)
  • Victor Hogan (athletics, men’s discus)
  • Friedrigh Potgieter (athletics, decathlon)
  • Mire Reinstorf (athletics, women’s pole vault)
  • Jo-Ane van Dyk (athletics, women’s javelin)
  • Rogail Joseph (athletics, women’s 400m hurdles)
  • Ashley Erasmus (athletics, women’s shot put)
  • Asande Mthembu (athletics, men’s long jump)
  • Team SA (swimming, men’s freestyle 4x100m)
  • Team SA (swimming, women’s 4x200m freestyle)
  • Team SA (swimming, women’s 4x100m medley)
  • Team SA (swimming, mixed freestyle 4x100m)
  • Team SA (swimming, Mixed 4x100m Medley)
  • Team SA (swimming, men’s 4x100m medley)




  • Tayla Jonker (swimming, women’s 50m backstroke)
  • Tayla Jonker (swimming, women’s 100m backstroke)
  • Tayla Jonker (swimming, women’s 200m backstroke)
  • Anneke Spies (weightlifting, 59kg)
  • Anneke Spies (weightlifting, 59kg clean-jerk)
  • Anneke Spies (weightlifting, 59kg snatch)
  • Matthew Caldwell (swimming, men’s 400m freestyle)
  • Matthew Caldwell (swimming, men’s 800m freestyle)
  • Caitlin de Lange (swimming, women’s 50m butterfly)
  • Caitlyn de Lange (swimming, women’s 50m freestyle)
  • Kate Meyer (swimming, women’s 50m breaststroke)
  • Kate Meyer (swimming, women’s 200m breaststroke)
  • Jarden Eaton (swimming, men’s 100m butterfly)
  • Georgia Els (swimming, women’s 100m breaststroke)
  • Clayton Jimmie (swimming, men’s 50m freestyle)
  • Leigh McMorran (swimming, women’s 200m butterfly)
  • Hannah Mouton (swimming, women’s 200m freestyle)
  • Andrew Ross (swimming, men’s 200m IM)
  • Dillon Geary (cycling,men’s road race)
  • Dillon Geary (cycling, men’s elite individual time trial)
  • Annike Visser (cycling, women’s U23)
  • Danilo Von Ludwiger/Leo Williams (beach volleyball)
  • Sharne Williams (women’s triathlon)
  • Ruan Bronkhorst, (arm wrestling, left arm +100kg)
  • Ruan Bronkhorst, (arm wrestling, right arm +100kg)
  • Jana van Schalkwyk (athletics, women’s javelin)
  • Lubabalo Lusizi (boxing, men’s 51kg)
  • Team SA (cycling, women’s team time trial)
  • Team SA (cycling, men’s team time trial)
  • Team SA (cycling, mixed team relay)
  • Team SA (women’s cricket)
  • Team SA (swimming, men’s 4x200m freestyle)




  • Jon Antohein-Phillips (weightlifting, 73kg)
  • Jon Antohein-Phillips (weightlifting, clean-jerk 73kg)
  • Jon Antohein-Phillips (weightlifting, snatch 73kg)
  • Laryne Jefferies (weightlifting 71kg)
  • Laryne Jefferies (weightlifting 71kg, clean-jerk)
  • Laryne Jefferies (weightlifting 71kg snatch)
  • Cameron Casali (swimming, men’s 400m freestyle)
  • Cameron Casali (swimming, men’s 400m freestyle)
  • Andrew Ross (swimming, men’s 200m freestyle)
  • Andrew Ross (swimming, men’s 200m breaststroke)
  • Liam Vehbi (swimming, men’s 200m butterfly)
  • Liam Vehbi (swimming, men’s 400m IM)
  • Matthew Caldwell (swimming, men’s 1500m freestyle)
  • Georgia Els (swimming, women’s 200m breaststroke)
  • Kate Meyer (swimming, women’s 400m IM)
  • Hannah Mouton (swimming, women’s 400m freestyle)
  • Helgaard Muller (swimming, men’s 200m backstroke)
  • Catherine van Rensburg (swimming, women’s 200m freestyle)
  • Jonah Pool-Jones (swimming, men’s 100m backstroke)
  • Jessie Sim (karate, men’s individual kata)
  • Maxine Willemse (karate, women’s individual kata)
  • Marinda Roetz (karate, women’s kumite -50kg)
  • Lillian Mbena (wrestling, women’s freestyle 76kg)
  • Ben Theron (wrestling, men’s freestyle 86kg)
  • Banele Mhango (chess, men’s blitz invitational)
  • Blaine Kieck (cycling, men’s U23)
  • Charne Griesel (judo, women’s -52kg)
  • Timothy Muewsen (judo, men’s 81kg)
  • Geronay Whitebooi (judo, -48kg)
  • William Swart (weightlifting, 89kg clean-jerk)
  • Dylan Nortje (men’s triathlon)
  • Meri Prinsloo (arm wrestling, women’s +80kg)
  • Brandon Downes (cycling, men’s individual time trial)
  • Lucy Young (cycling, women’s individual time trial)
  • Alan Cumming (athletics, men’s hammer throw)
  • Ischke Senekal (athletics, women’s shot put)
  • Mpho Links (athletics, men’s high jump)
  • John Masamba (boxing, men’s 63.5kg)
  • Team SA (karate, men’s team kata)
  • Team SA (badminton, mixed doubles)
  • Team SA (badminton, men’s doubles)
  • Team SA (table tennis, women’s team)




  • 46 Swimming (17 gold, 16 silver, 13 bronze)
  • 13 Cycling (4 gold, 6 silver, 3 bronze)
  • 11 Athletics (7 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze)
  • 10 Weightlifting (3 silver, 7 bronze)
  • 4 Judo (1 gold, 3 bronze)
  • 4 Karate (4 bronze)
  • 4 Triathlon (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
  • 3 Arm Wrestling (2 silver, 1 bronze)
  • 3 Badminton (1 gold, 2 bronze)
  • 2 Boxing (1 silver,1 bronze)
  • 2 Wrestling (2 bronze)
  • 1 Beach volleyball (1 silver)
  • 1 Chess (1 bronze)
  • 1 Cricket (women’s, 1 silver)
  • 1 Table tennis (1 bronze)


MOST INDIVIDUAL MEDALS (Excluding relays and teams)


  • 5 Catherine van Rensburg (swimming, 4 gold, 1 bronze)
  • 4 Caitlin de Lange (swimming, 2 gold, 2 silver)
  • 4 Dillon Geary (cycling, 2 gold, 2 silver)
  • 3 Jon Antohein-Phillips (weightlifting, 3 bronze)
  • 3 Georgia Els (swimming, 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
  • 3 Laryne Jefferies (weightlifting, 3 bronze)
  • 3 Tayla Jonker (swimming, 3 silver)
  • 3 Kate Meyer (swimming, 2 silver, 1 bronze)
  • 3 Andrew Ross (swimming, 1 silver, 2 bronze)
  • 3 Anneke Spies (weightlifting, 3 silver)
  • 2 Matthew Caldwell (swimming, 2 silver)
  • 2 Cameron Casali (swimming, 2 bronze)
  • 2 Jarden Eaton (swimming, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
  • 2 Clayton Jimmie (swimming, 1 gold, 1 silver)
  • 2 Simone Moll (swimming, 2 gold)
  • 2 Hannah Mouton (swimming,1 silver, 1 bronze)
  • 2 Jonah Pool-Jones (swimming, 1 gold, 1 bronze)
  • 2 Haylee Preen (swimming 2 gold)
  • 2 Liam Vehbi (swimming, 2 bronze)
  • 2 Ruan Bronkhorst, (arm wrestling, 2 silver)
Liesl Smit
Liesl Smit
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