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Organ Donor Foundation

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The Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) is a non-profit charity established in 1988 with the aim of addressing the critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa. As the national umbrella body for the promotion of organ and tissue donation, the ODF is actively involved in educational and publicity programmes directed at the public and the medical profession.
Currently there are over 4,000 adults and children awaiting organ & cornea transplants in South Africa. Tragically less than 600 people will this year receive a transplant and the “Gift of Life” due to this critical shortage. Many adults and children die waiting for a transplant or have to undergo dialysis treatment for many years while on the waiting list. Only through regular awareness initiatives can we reduce this tragic statistic.
2013 is a very important year for the Organ Donor Foundation. August is Organ Donor month and this year we aim to sign up 50,000 new organ donors. In South Africa there are less than 0.1% of the population who are registered organ donors. Our long term vision is to sign up 500,000 donors by the end of 2017 – this will translate to 1% of the South African population. If compared to other countries such as the USA, who have 37% of their population as registered organ donors and Australia who have 24% of their population as registered organ donors – we must admit that this is an extremely shocking and low statistic for South Africa.
Our mission statement is clear. It is the driving force behind everything we do:
To educate the public about organ donation.
To significantly increase the number of organs donated in South Africa.
To increase awareness about organ donation among the medical and paramedical professions.
To improve donor identification and organ procurement programmes.
To ensure that South Africa remains a centre of excellence for organ transplantation.
We are guided in our daily work by the need to meet and exceed these aims and objectives:
To build a foundation of public trust and confidence, and to instil a willingness and enthusiasm in all South Africans to offer the gift of life through organ donation.
To offer every South African the opportunity and the right to receive direct education about organ donation.
To educate the public and especially the medical fraternity through the mass media, public relations and direct marketing on issues relating to organ donation and transplantation.
To provide participation opportunities to individuals and organisations through a volunteer network.
To form an alliance with companies and service organisations.

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