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Help the Rural Child Trust

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Established in 2005, Help the Rural Child Trust is a registered charitable trust and Not for Profit Organisation (NPO). Based in Cape Town, we operate a network of 5 charity shops across the city. Our shops are entirely dependent on donations and support and the proceeds of the HTRC charity shops go directly back into Goedgedacht’s Path Out of Poverty programme, helping to support the rural children of the Swartland.
Our Vision: is to turn otherwise invisible rural children into happy, secure citizens.
Our Mission: To make a sustainable contribution towards rural development from the funds generated by a network of charity shops and other fundraising activities.
Although HTRC’s primary focus is supporting children that live in vulnerable rural communities, we reach a wider group of people through our charity shops, as we collect unwanted items in good condition and sell them at affordable prices. This creates a win win situation for the communities involved.
Our charity shops are a unique funding model. By creating a sustainable network of shops that are self-sufficient and profitable, we are able to fund and strengthen development projects which focus on disadvantaged rural children. Our aim is for each shop to generate enough money annually to pay the running costs of one of POP’s Rural Youth Centres for a year.
Our mission is to improve the lives of rural children by funding sustainable development programmes. Our partner of choice is Goedgedacht’s Path Out of Poverty (POP) programme, which builds youth centres in rural communities. Goedgedacht has over the years refined an integrated community development model, which is made up of 17 connected projects that farm workers and their children have access to.
Currently, there are 7 POP centres in the Swartland area of the Western Cape, The POP objective is to continue to open rural centres and, therefore, reach thousands more vulnerable rural children throughout Southern Africa. We aim to assist in realising this objective with our charity shops and other fundraising activities.

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