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[WATCH] How Sainz Secured Pole Position at Singapore

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Singapore continues to haunt Max Vestappen who has yet to win at the circuit. It still boggles the mind that it’s not a Red Bull front row, but it was a good day for the prancing horse of Scuderia Ferrari as Carlos Sainz claimed pole with George Russell second and Charles Leclerc 3rd.


If the devils in the details, then F1 must surely be its playground as mere thousands of a second can determine whether you start the race up front or in 10th place.




Eugene Mpatheni
Eugene Mpatheni
The other half of the The Joy Ride every weekday from 4 pm to 7 pm. Former Man United fan but is now a Scouser. I love all forms of sport, especially the conversations around the beautiful game. A husband and father of three who falls asleep to the sounds of barber ASMR.

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