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Violence at Goodwood schools boils over with stabbing incident

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The Goodwood Community Policing Forum (CPF) says violence among youth is being addressed, after a learner was stabbed at JG Meiring High School.


The incident took place outside school property – after school hours – on Monday, 12 January. According to police, a 16-year-old was attacked by a group of boys on the corner of Dingle and Elize Streets in Parow.


“According to reports the victim was on his way home from school when he was attacked by a group of boys. The victim was taken to a medical facility for treatment.”


The grade 11 learner survived the attack, and a case of assault to cause grievous bodily harm is being investigated.


The Western Cape Education Department says it sent its district support team to the school on Tuesday, to provide counselling for learners and teachers at the school. The department’s Kerry Mauchline appealed to anyone with information to contact the police.


Escalating violence in Goodwood


The Goodwood CPF chairperson, John Ross, says this incident is the result of violence that has been brewing at the school over the past year. Adding that people from outside the area are also involved in the incidents that take place at schools there.


“In the last year, say the last 15 or 16 months, the violence at schools in Goodwood has escalated. Goodwood SAPS is well aware of it, and they have got somebody addressing it – he spends a lot of time at the schools.”


Ross adds that as a result of the growing violence, neighbourhood watch patrols have increased significantly. Especially outside of school hours. He says armed response companies have also come on board to assist.


He further noted that residents came together to protest on Tuesday morning, and are pointing fingers at JG Meiring High School’s leadership. The protestors believe the school does not take proper action in dealing with fighting at the school. But Ross says the learners are unruly, and that the school is not to blame.


“[Protesting against the school] is very unfair, because a lot of these children have got no respect. The parents are coming and blaming the teachers now, [but] I think a lot of the problem starts at home.”


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