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Bangene with Toughees to win R2500

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You’re an expert at being you, and there’s no reason to want to fit in!

All you need is confidence and your passion.

And that is why we are here to tell you, “Bangene”.

Tell us about your passion for your chance to win R2 500 cash, as well as a spot in the prestigious President’s Award course, which will help you get ready for the real world.

To enter, send an SMS to 35904 telling us about your passion, and how winning will help you improve in your craft.

For an additional chance to win a spot in the President Award Course worth R 2500, enter here.


Bata South Africa provides a range of shoes for the whole family. Their wide range of brands include, Bata Comfit, Bubblegummers, North Star, PataPata, Power, Safari, Tomy Takkies, Weinbrenner and Toughees.

Bata’s brands, meets the entire family’s footwear needs.

Toughees are available at stores such as Mr Price, Pep, Edgars, The Hub and Ackermans. Toughees school shoes, which are made locally from genuine leather, come with a 6 month guarantee!

Visit www.toughees.co.za to find out more about their exiting new campaigns. Enrol in The President’s Award or enter the latest Toughees TikTok dance challenge!



Winners of the Toughees Bangene competition will be enrolled into the President’s Award to complete the Bronze certificate programme, the initial stage of the Award. The prize is valued at R2,500. Participants will be required to complete four courses before obtaining a certificate of completion signed by The Duke of Edinburgh and Our President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The four courses are:

Service: At least 24 hours of community development over 3 months

Skills: Select an activity you’re passionate about, e.g., photography, debating and show regular effort and improvement over 3 months.

Physical Recreation: Select an activity you’re passionate about, e.g., soccer, dancing and show regular effort and improvement over 3 months.

An Adventurous Journey: Undertake an adventure journey for 2 days with planned expeditions every day. Record your activities and compile them in a Portfolio of Evidence within 6 months and you will be awarded with a Bronze President’s Award!

In addition, winners of this competition will win an additional prize worth R2 500. You will be kitted out for your favourite afterschool activity such as dancing, soccer, violin or chess!

Please note the competition prizes are non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash.

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