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The Nonceba Centre Trust

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The Nonceba Trust Centre provides a holistic programme of care to women and children which includes Primary Intervention (Prevention), Secondary Intervention (Early Interventions) and Tertiary Intervention (Treatment). The following services are provided:
Education as part of health promotion and preventing harm to children. The Centre provides an out-reach schools health and prevention programme. Social Workers conduct information sessions at schools in the area to highlight risk and educate children on abuse and how to prevent abuse.
After-school Care Programme. The Centre accommodates approximately 100 children on a daily basis. The programme is a collaborative project between schools in the area and the Centre. Children identified as being at risk are enrolled in the Nonceba Programme. The programme aims to keep children safe and provide an environment for learning, recreation and safe play.
Community Awareness – Outreach. The organization belongs to a network, actively involved in campaigning against the abuse of women and children. Community awareness is a joint responsibility and jointly planned for. Efforts are combined to ensure uniformed messages are brought across.
Early Intervention Services
Counseling Service
Professional Staff (social workers and auxiliary social workers) provide counselling services (individual, family and marriage counselling). Approximately 350 – 400 people access the counselling service on a monthly basis.
Treatment/ Statutory Services
Therapeutic Counseling Clinic
Professional Staff provide therapeutic counseling services for women and children who have survived incidents of crime and trauma (rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, etc). The Centre provides support with accessing medical, psychological and legal counsel/ advice. Survivors are prepared and supported for the court process. Families of survivors are counseled and supported. Average length of stay is 3 – 6 months.
Safe-house for Children
Temporary, secure and safe accommodation is provided for children who have been removed via statutory process (Department of Social Development, Department of Health, and Department of Justice). Housemothers are employed to supervise the social, living space of the children while the Clinical team provides therapeutic intervention. Average length of stay is 3 – 6 months
Shelter for Women, women and children
Temporary, secure and safe accommodation is provided to women, and women and their children who have survived incidents of domestic violence and human trafficking. Therapeutic counseling is provided by the clinical team. Average length of stay is 3 months.
Reintegration Services
Planning for reintegration into the community forms part of clinical interventions and ‘care pathway’ for clients. Preparing for reintegration is managed by our clinical staff. Family counselling is essential to reintegration.
Low literacy and work skills levels presents challenges for promoting independence in women, especially women who have no external support (family/ otherwise). The organization provides a skills programme in beadwork, however funding is extremely limited. The organization needs to develop a strategy that addresses the need for capacitating women in work skills in order to promote independence.

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