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Unraveling the latest on Threads V Twitter

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In This week’s Tech Talk with Theunis, we get the low-down on Elons’s Twitter (or should we say ‘X) and it’s latest rival – Threads.


We delve into the main differences between the two social media heavyweights and the advantages both bring to the table.

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A perk of this fast-paced digital world, is that finding information has never been more convenient. Numerous platforms are at our disposal. Information is only a click away.


Among these platforms is the early 2000s micro-blogging site, Twitternow called ‘X – which has always been a prominent player. It provides users with real-time updates on breaking news and trending topics. Many times, this is the platform where news is made!


However, a new contender has entered the ring! Put your hands together for Threads. The new kid on the block offering a fresh perspective on news delivery.

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Is it the same? But different?

Twitter aka ‘X‘: Its concise nature makes it a more suitable place for quick updates. Users can follow media outlets, journalists, and even official accounts to receive instant notifications on important events.


With its character limit, Twitter forces brevity, resulting in succinct and to-the-point headlines. This approach is excellent for users seeking rapid-fire updates without the need to delve deep into lengthy articles.

However, this can also lead to oversimplification and the potential for misinformation to spread rapidly.



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Threads: It garnered attention for its in-depth analysis and comprehensive coverage of news stories.

By combining multiple posts, users can create an interconnected narrative, exploring different angles and providing a broader context. A thread. This format allows for more nuanced discussions and the opportunity to address complex issues in detail.


Threads also encourages conversation and engagement. Fostering a sense of community around a specific topic.

But the downside is that Threads can be time-consuming. Their quality depends on the credibility of the creator. Even so, Threads broke all records and was downloaded over a hundred million times in less than five days!


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Is there space for two giant platforms?

The battle between Threads and Twitter highlights a fundamental shift in how we access information.


For those seeking immediate updates and bite-sized content, X remains the go-to platform. It offers speed and convenience.


On the other hand, individuals looking for a more comprehensive understanding of current events turn to Threads. It excels at delivering in-depth analysis and encouraging dialogue.


This split in user preferences has implications for how we perceive and interpret news. Both Threads and Twitter serve distinct purposes in our digital age. The key is striking a balance between the two, using Twitter for quick updates and Threads for deeper insights. As information consumers, we must be selective and verify the sources before sharing content.



Conclusion: Twitter V Threads

In conclusion, the competition between Threads and Twitter reflects the diverse needs of today’s digital consumers. Both platforms cater to different needs, and it is up to us to use their strengths responsibly. By embracing a well-rounded approach to information consumption, we can better navigate the vast sea of digital content and become more informed, critical thinkers in this ever-evolving digital landscape.


But, If you had to choose, which one would you favour?

Listen to my Chhat with Theunis HERE


Ewan Strydom
Ewan Strydom
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