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TCD Trust

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The Tourism Community Development Trust (TCD Trust) is a tourism-focussed development agency based in Cape Town, South Africa.
The TCD Trust’s objective is to make a difference at a grass-roots level in South Africa’s communities by consolidating the fundraising and social investment efforts of companies within the South African Tourism industry.
The TCD Trust is a registered non-profit organisation.
Mission Statement & Objectives
As members of the Western Cape Tourism and Hospitality Industry, we believe that we can play a leading role in facilitating community involvement in the positive growth that our sector can provide. We aim to provide access to direct and indirect fundraising efforts for identified projects as well as to educate the broader community about the role that Tourism and Hospitality stakeholders can play in bringing about real change in our society. With this in mind we see ourselves supporting initiatives, based on the following principles:
Tourism and Hospitality awareness
All community must benefit from the success of our industry. Exposing local communities to different facets of our industry will improve the understanding and cooperation amongst new and existing Tourism stakeholders.
Projects should be sustainable into the future, taking into account project facilities, staffing, environmental concerns and financing.
Skills Transfer
Education and training will provide skills that equip project members to grow and develop their role in our communities.
Community Awareness
We will work with existing community structures in order to identify project initiatives.
The Trust will be a channel for local and international contributors to provide focussed and sustainable assistance to targeted projects.
Financial Accountability
Collection of trust funds from various sources will be audited and distributed according to project accounts. These accounts will be open for public scrutiny.
Administrative Costs
Costs will be minimized through the active involvement of the trustees, tourism stakeholders and people from within local communities.
For more information, go to www.tcdtrust.org.za

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