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Smile Breakfast for Children’s Beds with Bobby and Lindy

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Help us buy 20 hospital beds for terminally ill and severely disabled children needing intensive care at Nazareth House…

Cape Town’s iconic Nazareth House provides long-term residential care to children ranging from ages 5 years to 18 years who have very special needs and absolutely no other source of care and support. Recently, the Department of Social Development approached Nazareth House with the request to also provide terminal care to children, where no further medical intervention is possible. Normally these children would lie in a hospital ward or institution and pass away within a cold, clinical environment, as their families have either abandoned them, or can no longer care for them. Nazareth House has agreed to the request, but is now in desperate need of 20 additional hospital beds to accommodate these children who need specialized intensive care in a loving environment.
Smile 90.4FM’s morning show, Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy, has taken up the challenge to raise the necessary funds to equip Nazareth House with the 20 specialised hospital beds they so desperately need.
The 20 hospital beds will be acquired from a specialized supplier at the cost of R12 500 per bed. The total amount to be raised will therefore be R250 000.
You can help by making a donation from as little as R20 to the ‘Smile Breakfast for Children’s Beds’ fundraising drive.
Please share the information on this fundraising initiative to further help Smile 90.4FM reach our target of buying 20 hospital beds for terminally ill and severely disabled children needing intensive care at Nazareth House.
Lets bring a smile and comfort to these children who need it so much.

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