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Gifts for People Who Need A Good Night’s Sleep

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It is the reality of many: getting a full night’s rest is a gift, if not a miracle! Sadly, you can’t add ‘good night’s sleep’ to your cart. But you cant get your friends (or yourself) some really effective sleep-related gifts. We’re talking cosy pajamas, eye masks, noise machines and noise blocking earbuds. All you need to get in those precious Z’s.


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Gentle pressure sleep mask.

People online are raving about the abilities of a weighted eye mask. It provides a soothing pressure that relieve tension in the face and blocks out light. And a more affordable sleep mask does not mean low quality. Opt for a traditional sleep mask made of skin-loving silk: blocks out light without irritating the skin.

Flaxibag Weighted Wisteria Eye Pillow // Flaxibag / WELLNESS WAREHOUSE



Humidifier to ease their sinuses.

A humidifier boosts moisture levels in a room, which can help with sinuses, and prevent nasal passages from drying out during the night. For the dry winter-skin babes, a cool-mist humidifier can also keep your skin hydrated.

Lotus Cool Mist Humidifier // RUSSELL HOBBS


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Temperature control Smart Mug

A temperature-controlled mug can keep their nighttime drink warm before bed, and in case they skrik awake and need a soothing drink. It can also keep their morning coffee warm for hours.

Temperature Control Mug with Smart Heating Coaster // MAKRO



Rejuvenating night serum

Dry skin in winter is so bothersome! A soothing and ultra-hydrating skin mask will leave skin feeling refreshed and plump. Other serums with calming ingredients can help you unwind before bed, and help with any irritation and redness.

Facial Serum Restore & Regenerate // THE APOTHECARY / FAITHFUL TO NATURE


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Oh-so-luxurious sheets

Struggling just to get warm under the covers? Give your friend a toasty sheet. Either a cashmere blend for extra warmth, or one made of bamboo and charcoal fiber to prevent odor and wick sweat.

Recycled Microfibre Fitted Sheet Set // WWOLWORTHS



Neck and back massager

Relieve the tensions of the day, with a neck and back massager. Because adulting has given us all tight muscles in our neck and shoulders.

Shiatsu Massager // BENNETT READ / MAKRO



A snuggly body pillow

Calling all side sleepers! Yes, even non-pregnant people can use this for a good night’s rest. There are all kinds out on the market: hypo-allergenic, temperature-regulating, ones stuffed with memory foam. It’s time to feel supported and cuddle straight to dreamland.

Microfibre U-Shaped Body Pillow // HOME CHOICE



Don’t doubt the powers of a noise machine

Whether you have loud neighbours, there are distracting noises or just can’t sleep without noise: a white noise machine is great for you. The mini versions are space efficient and come in a variety of pretty colours. But you prefer diving into pure silence, invest in some noise-cancelling earplugs.

White Noise Sleep Machine // OHM / FEEL GOOD HEALTH



A comfy set of pajamas

There is nothing quite like putting on your bedtime lewk before jumping under the covers. Get your loved one a pair of super soft and stretchy PJs. If they’re not into wearing sets, you can also just buy them some boxer-style shorts or silky pajama pants. Even if they’re a warm sleeper, and kick the blankets off, they can still sleep comfortably in their PJs.

Cuffed Super Stretch Fleece Pyjama Pants // WOOLWORTHS



A set of headband headphones

Having fights with your earbuds or earphones in the night is so not it. Opt for a comfortable headband, with removable speakers, that can be pulled over your eyes to use as a sleep mask. Put on some soothing tunes or the sound of rain falling to whisk you off to sleep.

oft-Knitted Headband with Bluetooth Headphones // BETTER SLEEP


Zahraa Schroeder
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