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LOVE LETTERS with Bobby and Lindy

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LOVE LETTERS… on Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy
We’re dedicating Valentine’s week on Smile Breakfast to our wonderful, beautiful seniors … acknowledging them, honouring them and sharing in the memories of their loved ones, through their precious love letters and photographs.

If you missed Love Letters, here are some high lights.

Monday, 08 February 2016

Lindy’s story about Peter’s great grandmother & great grandfather:
Mr Hilton Edwards was born on the 19th of March 1891 in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape. Miss Florence Alice Piper was born on the 27th of November 1891 in England.
Hilton left South Africa to fight in World War 1 where he lost his arm in Ypres in September 1917 and was sent to Richmond Hospital in Surrey, 6 weeks later.
It was there that he and Florence met. Florence was a volunteer at the hospital who would write letters for the injured soldiers. She was a beautiful, young 20 year old at the time.
Hilton had a fiance back home, so as soon as he had recuperated, he got onto a ship (The Galway Castle) and headed back to South Africa. However, fate seemed to intervene when the ship he was travelling on was torpedoed in the Bay of Biscay All the men, women and children on board had to climb into life boats and row for 8 hours before being rescued by a Royal Navy destroyer.
The survivors were brought back to England and Hilton made his way to Richmond Hospital where he reconnected with Florence and their beautiful romance blossomed. They married on the 29th of December 1918 and Hilton brought his new bride home to South Africa in 1919. They had 8 children together.
Hilton, a charismatic and well-loved man used to often say to his grandchildren: “The two happiest days of my life were when I lost my arm (because that meant the war was over for me) and the day I fell in love with your grandmother”.

The dashing young First World War soldier in his uniform (hiding his amputated arm behind him) and beautiful Florence.
Listen to Lindy’s clip here.
Bobby’s story of John Skelton:
91-year-old Englishman John Skelton has had to find ways to deal with the passing of his wife Peggy 6-years ago. Recently he was interviewed on a local radio station about the book he wrote called “Peggy and John – a Wonderful Life.”
It is THE ultimate Love Letter … expressing his feelings and the beautiful memories he built with his Peggy. In it, he remembers how it all started so innocently … 67 years ago, when as a teenager, he taught her ballroom dancing.
He says the physical closeness of dancing together; touching and whispering in one another’s ear, helped bring them together. The two have been inseparable ever since. But 6 years ago, death DID them part.
His eyes soften and reddens with a familiar salty sting, as he explains that it’s something he’s had great difficulty coming to terms with, leaving him numb. He says he also realised how inter-connected their lives were, even when it comes to things he did as an individual.
Besides the book, John says he has had to find activities to fill the void he feels every day… rituals that are clearly cathartic for him, like talking to photographs of Peggy. He also lights a candle for his wife at the exact time of the day of her passing … 11h45am on the 28th of every month.
And then there’s the love letters. He keeps a notebook on the mantel piece of their home, and in it he writes a sweet and simple love letter to Peggy every day.
Listen to Bobby’s clip here.

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

Bobby’s story of Howard:
For today’s Love Letters with Bobby and Lindy, I’m going to remind you of a beautiful love story that went viral on FB last year.
It’s the story of 92-year-old Howard and his 93-year-old wife Laura, who is on her last few days.
It’s filmed at the side of a hospice bed, where Laura is being cared for and treated for dementia. One of their 18 grandchildren Erin is behind the camera … from where she can be heard helping her grandpa, who’s hearing is failing.
But Howard only has eyes for his wife, who clearly identifies him in her occasional lucid moments. Obviously a playful man with a hearty laugh, Howard teases her, while constantly touching her face and telling her that he loves her.
The video of the two was shared more than 3 million times on Facebook. While it’s a mere moment in the couple’s life together, it speaks volumes for the love they must have shared … and the memories they treasure together.
In the background the one can hear a song playing. Erin made sure she brought along a copy of Vera Lyn’s 1943 classic “You’ll never Know,” – the couple’s favourite over their 73 years of marriage.
It’s the song that comforted Laura when Howard went off to fight in WWII … and one they would often sing together at family gatherings. In fact, when they renewed their wedding vows after 50 years together, they performed the song as a duet for the entire family.
But Erin didn’t expect it to happen on what was essentially grandma’s last few days … and you can hear the young woman’s emotion from behind the camera.
Her grandpa was clearly determined to ease his wife’s pain, by recollecting their loving moments together. So he shamelessly serenaded Laura one last time … clearly still very much in love with her.
Listen to Bobby’s clip here.
Lindy’s story about NOAH:
A Smile 90.4FM listener by the name of Jane who does marketing for NOAH (Neighbourhood Old Aged Homes) in Woodstock, contacted us to let us know the folks at Noah have so many stories to share about love lost, love gained, hearts stolen, and love returned, so I went over there for a cup of tea and to listen to some of their love stories. Lina shared how her late husband wooed her with love letters…
Listen to Lindy’s clip here.
The reality of living in an old age home is that you have limited space, so you can’t keep every single possession with you, but what I like is that Lina’s daughter is holding on to her mom’s old, musty, yellow love letters which means she’s also able to read them every now & then and reflect on the love that her mom and dad had, even though her dad passed away. And that’s the beauty of them, they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Missed this mornings Love letters clips… listen to them right here!
Listen to Lindy’s clip here.
Listen to Bobby’s clip here.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Missed this mornings Love letters clips… listen to them right here!
Listen to the first clip here.
Listen to the second clip here.
Listen to the last clip here.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Today was our last day of celebrating Love letters with Bobby & Lindy.
Listen to Demond & Leah Tutu’s clip here.
Listen to Adriana’s clip here.
Listen to Barbara’s clip here.
And  the winners of our lovely Valentine’s basket is… Jacques and Nicola! Congratulations guys, enjoy your Valentine’s day!
nicola du toit

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