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[LISTEN] Your X is here! Powered by Elon Musk!

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Larry, Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo, has the left the nest with no return ticket in-hand.


Billionaire and owner of the social media app, Elon Musk, announced that the company will be changing its logo which has long been its signature. And easily one of the most recognized brands globally.


The company’s logo is now a plain black ‘X’. Tweets will also be called x’s from now on.


Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino says the micro-blogging platform is undergoing a ‘rebranding process’. This as Musk made known he wishes to transform Twitter into a powerful all-in-one application akin to China’s WeChat.



Angel shared the news with Eugene and Dean about Elon Musk who gave the world another reason as to why you don’t need your X at all! A billionaire who bought a Twitter community and turned it into a painful reminder and why you possibly dodged a bullet with Twitter, sorry, X!



Musk’s fascination (read: obsession) with the letter X is evident in his many ventures. Before the Twitter logo change, he established X.com. An online banking and financial services platform, that later merged with PayPal.


Meanwhile, his AI project is called x.ai.


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Musk’s space exploration company is called SpaceX. Even Tesla’s first SUV model included the letter in its name, the Model X. And let’s not forget that he even included the letter in his son’s name, which is X Æ A-12 Musk. Yip 😶😶😶


The association of Musk with X is evident. When asked about his consistent use of the letter, Musk said it symbolised the unknown. Like in algebra.


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