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League of Friends of the Blind

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LOFOB mainly serves blind and partially sighted people throughout the Western Cape. This service is also available to people from other parts of South Africa who are unable to access such services in their regions.
The adult independence-training programme is offered at the LOFOB Training Centre in Grassy Park on the Cape Flats. Clients who have been assessed by occupational therapists receive training at the centre. Regular rural outreach programs are conducted in the Western Cape to reach and provide services to those living further out of the Cape Metropole. The rural outreach programme extends as far as Beaufort West and Knysna. Our West Coast rural outreach programme extends as far as Lutzville, which is approximately 400km from Cape Town.
The Early Childhood Development Programme is based at the LOFOB centre. Children are collected from across the Metropole and transported to the Pre-school centre at LOFOB Monday to Friday. A home program is offered to children who are unable or not ready to attend the program at the Centre.
LOFOB has three main focus areas providing various services and expertise as well as other auxiliary services.
1. Independence Development Services
Onsite Occupational Therapists Onsite Social Worker Onsite Mobility Instructors Onsite Braille Instruction Onsite Basic Typing Skills Onsite Home Management Skills Training Onsite Personal Care Training Onsite Cane Work/ Sewing Skills Training
2. Early Childhood Development
Onsite and Home Visit Occupational Therapist Two Additional Teachers Assistants Full Onsite Pre-school Programme Home Based Intervention Programme Parent Education Parent Support
3. Wellness, Sports and Recreation
Onsite Biokineticist Goal Ball Tandem Cycling Cricket Gym Soccer Table Games Recreational Outings
LOFOB’s clients rely on the transport that is provided by LOFOB to ensure that they can participate in their respective programmes. LOFOB also provides temporary accommodation to prospective clients who live too far from the training centre to commute daily.
Auxilliary services
Corporate consultation for successful integration of blind and visually impaired employees or customers to your business environment Awareness and education lectures Corporate sport, recreation and team building days designed to include sighted and visually impaired persons participating in activities that highlight capabilities rather than inabilities

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