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Kidz Adventure Camp

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Charity Summer Camp Fun Is HERE!
Committed To Charity Work With Orphan And Disabled Children, We Will Also Place Children On A Permanent Basis To Assist With Furthering Their Studies And Securing Employment.
We Have Lots Of Fun Planned…For Orphans & Disabled Children…
School holidays should be a memorable time for kids; a chance to kick back, relax and have some fun. That is why I have decided to dedicate my time and efforts to provide the best activity camp and summer camp for children (orphans and mentally disabled) FREE of charge.
We are committed to providing complete peace of mind whilst giving children a great summer camp experience. Our aim is to inspire and motivate children so that sport is enjoyable and rewarding, whatever their ability. We endeavour to work hard to ensure that every child that attends one of our camps progresses, whether that be developing confidence and independence, learning new skills or understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
We are dedicated to providing high quality summer camps and activity day camps that will have a positive impact on children from all walks of life, offering thousands of children the chance to develop and have fun in a healthy, positive and safe environment each year.
To have a memorable summer experience within a relaxed and academic framework To benefit from the enormous variety of activities on offer on the Farm. To learn to live in a community, sharing values in a spirit of respect and solidarity, leading to increased self-knowledge and a better understanding of the diversity of cultures represented at the Farm.
The perfect camp, children will make new friends, learn new skills, discover and grow!
We believe that every child is created for a purpose and that an active life is essential for a child’s development and well-being. The approach we take towards people demonstrates a bias for inclusion regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, social or economic circumstances. Provide sports, activity and life-skills programmes for children.
Provide young people with training, work experience and employment. Help partner organisations and community leaders to deliver life-changing experiences for children. Help families by inspiring their children to reach their potential.
“We Don’t See People The Way They Are, But The Way They Should Be”
Non Profit Company No. K2011123308 NPC

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