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Jean-marc Johannes skates into the Guinness World Records

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A skateboarder from Athlone, Cape Town has made us all proud by cementing his skills in the Guinness World Records. Jean-Marc Johannes is South Africa’s first international Gold, Silver & Bronze medalist and skateboarding Guinness World Record holder. But now he can add another feather in his cap – being the first person ever to ride his board around the Smile offices.

Jean-marc popped into the studios to talk about his two new accolades in the 2024 Guinness Book of World Records – the most skateboard 360 frontside spins in 30 seconds and the most consecutive skateboard ollies, totaling 323 consecutively. Listen to the full interview here:

Jean-marc Johannes skates his way into the record books
Image by Anggi Leopold at FISE world series

Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange
Phil de Lange is the producer of the Ryan O'Connor Breakfast show and has been with Smile 90.4FM since it's inception in 2013. Through his work on the breakfast show he has won two national radio awards. He has been in broadcasting for 15 years and has honed his talent at 6 different radio stations. Outside of radio he is also a podcast producer and award winning stand-up comedian.

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