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Friday, December 8, 2023

Ryan has jobs for you

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? We at Smile FM have. We want 10 000 more families to enjoy Christmas in Cape Town this year.

That’s why we’ve launched ’10 000 Jobs for Cape Town’ – connecting employers with our database of vetted job seekers.

If you have a business that has vacancies – let us know – and we can put you in touch with suitable candidates in your area, today.


Simply fill in the form below – tell us how many jobs you have available – what those jobs are – and the skills required to fill them.


Together we can make dreams come true and let Cape Town shine even brighter this Christmas.

5 December update

So, where we are as of today 5 December 2023 Thank you to all the companies that have gone to our website and shared jobs they have to offer. We are working quickly to get desired candidates for those opportunities. If there are more jobs available, please let us know below


We have now reconciled our numbers and we are further along.


In the BPO sector – in September – 2238 positions were filled

In October – 2489 more job were filled.

In November – 1090 jobs were filled.


That take our jobs number to – wait for it – 8 863


That over 88% and we still have more updates to come

We are well on our way to making sure that 10 000 more families will celebrate Christmas this year.



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Ryan Gives 10 000 Jobs

Ryan Gives 10 000 Jobs

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