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Hidden Halos

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To uplift children from vulnerable and marginalized communities within the Western Cape
Our mission is to provide guidance, comfort, friendship, nourishment, basic education, teaching aids and skills development to the children of marginalized communities, including those currently residing in orphanages and children homes.
This will be achieved through but not limited to the following:
Doing research into the size and scope of each underprivileged community in need
Doing research into the approval of our project and the willingness of the people from the community to participate, we do this by helping them realise the importance of early education.
By providing a feeding scheme to identified children and staff who benefit from our project
By the establishment of a Community Toy Library
By giving skills training to parents and community generally
By creating employment through our projects within the community
By providing teaching aids and guidance to the underprivileged ECD centers and crèches in the community
By coordinating, planning and hosting birthday celebrations for children who benefit from our projects.
Hidden Halos has three programs which are governed by the board of members. All of the programs established under Hidden Halos strives to uplift vulnerable or marginalized children in the Western Cape.
The programs we currently run include:
G.I.F.T (Giving It For Them)
My Little Toy Empire
My Tomorrow
More information at http://hiddenhalos.weebly.com/

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