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Deaf Hands @ Work

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DH@W provides a platform for Hearing Impaired and Deaf individuals to launch their careers in industries which do not require hearing.
DH@W aims to create South Africa’s Leading Disability Brand of choice, a skilled workforce committed to delivering quality and precision in all tasks performed, and employment for skilled and unskilled Deaf individuals irrespective of their racial denomination and nationality. It is our mission to ensure DH@W can provide every hearing impaired individual with the skills necessary to launch their career regardless of the challenges faced by their disability.
Company Overview
Deaf Hands At Work was founded in 2009 and registered in 2012 by Charles Nyakurwa. In order to fund training courses and equipment for the Deaf trainees, funding is raised via donations, construction projects and waitering tips made by Charles in his private capacity.
DH@W employs and trains Deaf individuals to be competent employees in the following industries: Textile, Construction, Maid services, Carpentry, Painting and Panel beating. Awareness of Deaf individuals’ disabilities is promoted through the teaching of South African Sign Language (SASL) to locals and business’s who have regular dealings with the Deaf community.
First Floor, Office Number 06 Windsor House, Fish Hoek Main Road 7975 Cape Town, Western Cape
Phone 021 782 8876
Email info@dhwsa.co.za
Website http://www.dhwsa.co.za

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