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ChatGPT Officiates Its First Wedding (and it’s completely legal)

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Mass-produced flying cars, actual hoverboards, and teleportation might be years in the making. However, we it seems we are slowing warming up to the idea that more advanced versions of AI are becoming part of our lives. Take the language processing AI tool, ChatGPT.

From recipes, to ways to end loadshedding: we are turning to the chatbot for something new everyday.

But one couple from Colorado decided to have the chatbot officiate their wedding! Would you allow AI to officiate your wedding? Angel heard a definitive NO from Eugene on the Joy Ride: we get it!




Newlyweds, Reece Wiench (23) and Deyton Truitt (26), made history – and probably shocked their loved ones – after including the voice of the AI app nuptials and “allowed” it to officiate the actual wedding and in doing so made history as the first wedding ever to be officiated by artificial intelligence!

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The couple explains that having ChatGPT officiate the wedding was a cheaper and less stressful option than hiring a flesh-and-blood human to officiate their wedding. The groom even called it a “monumental event”.


As you can see, the chatbot’s physical form was fashioned from a C-3PO-like mask mounted on top of a speaker.



And while this wedding might give us a glimpse into how weddings of the future will unfold. The couple still kept things a little traditional by getting married in the historical Morrison Church.


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Believe it or not, but its super legal! In Colorado, chatbots can legally marry people, because licences are not required to officiate a wedding ceremony!


Would you allow AI to officiate your big day?


Eugene Mpatheni
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