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Biblionef South Africa

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Biblionef SA aims to increase the number of books published in the African minority languages. In order to be able to donate books in each child’s home language Biblionef commission publishers to publish books. Biblionef often takes good existing English or Afrikaans books and ask publishers to print African translations for Biblionef. Publishers are often also asked to do reprints of good stories that are out of print. Since 1998, Biblionef has commissioned the publication of 43 titles and has commissioned the reprinting of 7 titles.
Biblionef’s mission to provide under-resourced children and adolescents with new books thus stimulating their curiosity and desire to learn and laying a solid foundation of knowledge for their future.
It is Biblionef’s vision to donate appropriate books to all under-resourced children in their mother tongue.
Our Approach
Only new books Biblionef donates only new children’s books. Every child is worthy of receiving new books. New books help create the right circumstances for children to start to enjoy books and reading.
Books in 11 official SA languages Biblionef donates children’s books in all eleven official languages of South Africa. Biblionef insists on donating mother tongue story books because research has shown that children, who learn basic reading and writing skills in their mother tongue, perform better throughout their educational lives.
Local writers and illustrators We work very closely with S.A publishers. When funds are available Biblionef commisions the publishing of certain titles in the African languages.
African culture and heritage Biblionef strives to donate books with a focus on African culture and heritage that children can relate to as this is the key to turning a non reader into a reader.
More information at www.biblionefsa.org.za

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